Gymathstics Toy of Term 3 – 2016

Term 3 is all about practice practice practice! We drill concepts and bonds in a fun stimulating way using a range of techniques and equipment. We have chosen Pyjama Party as the toy of the term as we feel many of our gym stars are struggling with visual discrimination and problem solving.

This game provides opportunities for your child to sharpen these skills as it forms the basis of mathematics.

pyjama partypyjama party inside

This is how the game works….

Marvin Moo, the cow throws the best pyjama parties. He invited his friends over and they have come dressed in a mixture of colours.

There is cake, drinks, balloons, presents, stories to share and more.

Have fun matching colours and be the first to find the right cow among the 21 tokens, whose cap, slippers, pyjama, shirt match the 2 dice colours

Features: – This product is hand crafted using wood and non-toxic inks and the packaging is printed with soy-based ink on recycled paper and board

Contains 21 Moo’s friends tokens, 21 thinking assignment cards, 2 wooden colour dice and instructions – Skill development, pre-academic skills, visual observation, logical thinking, problem-solving and processing speed – A skill-building game for pre-schoolers – Suitable for Ages 3 and up

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African Education Week Awards-Finalist

We are so proud and excited to announce that Gymathstics has been chosen one of the finalists in the 2016 African Education Week Awards.


Early Childhood Development Award


We thank you all for joining us on this journey and supporting us in making a difference and creating a love for learning mathematics. Share the love and lets create mad love for mathematics!  Share Gymathstics! ” Mastering Mental Maths Through Movement!



Get ready for Gymathstics Challenge!!!

Gymathstics Challenge is Coming Up!!!

Time has been flying this term at Gymathstics Classes, the Gymathstics learners have been working hard and becoming more and more confident with the integration of number and shape concepts.

Help us to prepare learners for Gymathstics Challenge this term. We are building pictures using the Gymathstics Clip Counter Shapes. This activity helps for visual perception, visual discrimination and visual closure and well as the concept of shape, space and number sense.

Please practice the following pictures with your child at home using the kit. Make it fun and exciting and encourage them to name the shapes and count all the sides.

Gym Stars ( 3- 4 yrs ) Level 1

This is preparing them for level 2 where they learn to make sums using the shapes.








Gym Stars ( 4- 6 yrs ) Level 2

Encourage them to make a sum with the house. 3 + 4 = 7  Counting the sides of each shape.


Gym Champ ( 6- 8 yrs olds)

Identify shapes according to number line and do the sum for the rocket.

20160521_094722Made with Square InstaPic


Gym Rocketeer ( 8- 10 yrs)

Identify shapes according to number line and do the sum using multiplication for the bow and arrow. As well as addition sum for the Robot man.

Robot/manMade with Square InstaPic


Made with Square InstaPic

We have number formation cards available for sale and patterning cards to help your child to practice independently at home for R120 a pack.

To order please contact the agent directly in your area or email info@gymathstics.co.za

Together we CAN make maths fun and meaningful.



Buitenspeel Tin Throwing – Gymathstics Approved Toy of Term 2 2016

BS Tin Throwing Set is being intergrated into Gymathstics sessions this term. This toy develops number sense, gross motor skills, addition, subtraction, multiplication and will make your child love numbers.buitenspeel tin throwing

With this toy its all about knocking down the most tins, recognizing number symbols and counting. With Gymathstics we want to train your child to think independently, logically and become problem solvers.

We hide some of the tins and see if they can identify the missing tins as well. Building the pyramid using the tins and identifying the shape the tins make.

We practice our bonds up to 10 using the tins, dice and the kit.Subtraction becomes easy and multiplication becomes a fun game with this toy at Gymathstics!

Make maths fun for your child at home, make your own tins or shop at www.gymathstics.co.za or order your set on our app.



Home Activity 1

Gymathstics Home Activity 1
Opening and closing the Gymathstics Clip Counter Kit

This activity helps develop spatial orientation, spatial sense, number sense, shapes, fine motor cordination and laterality.

See if your child remembers how to open and close the kit correctly.

Before opening the bag discuss the shape of the bag, how many circles on the bag can they identify?

What colours can they see?

Use questions to spark their creativity and imagination.

When working with the kit ensure that the box is on the right of the mat if they are right handed or on the left if they are left handed and the bag on the opposite side to hold the mat down.

This develops the learners ability to maintain their own space and not work all over the place developing organisation skills as well.

Also ensure that the logo is at the back and learners work on the plain yellow side of the mat.

We will we posting a video soon of one of our learners opening the kit.

Gymathstics is fun and we want it to be fun at home as well

Gymathstics Challenge Winners Term 1

We have implemented Gymathstics Challenges at school each term.

The aim of the challenge is to assess, motivate and encourage our learners.

The Challenge tests the number concept learnt as well as listening skills and spatial awareness.

It was a great success.We also noticed after the challenge learners are more alert and ready for instruction from the Gymathstics Instructors.They motivated to work towards getting a badge to add to their bags.

Made with Square InstaPic

  Johannesburg South Branch Winners

Caleb Franeman- Rugrats Creche

Aroush Bashir – Little Scholars Islamic Academy( no picture)

Lundokuhle Maleka – Top Kids Nursery School

Nhelolo Hlongwane – Chicos Day Care

Kiera Kromer- Jhb South Centre

Made with Square InstaPic

Claudius Centre

Hamdaan Gani

Tasleema Haffejee

Ameera Abramjee

Yusra Hoosein

Keenan Enog

Made with Square InstaPic

Amity International School

Tanish Kaylan

Shiyaan Singh

Katlego Mokone

Made with Square InstaPic

  Pre- Primary Schools

Mehnaaz Ismail- Little Cabin Montessori

Yusayrah Shamsoodeen – Al- Jameel Montessori

Sameeha Aboobaker – Brainy Bratz

Zara M Seedat – Brainy Bratz


Central Islamic School Winners

Muhammed Zaakir Moosa

Muhammed Yaseen Aboobaker Jeewa

Mohammed Azim

IMG-20160407-WA0007IMG-20160407-WA0006East Rand Branch Winners

Left: Aiden Sons at Giggle Pots

Right: Zayd Khan at Different Strokes

Well done Gym Stars, Champs and Rocketeers! We are so proud of all of you !

Gymathstics sessions help build a strong foundation in maths.

Gymathstics Sessions develop basic mathematical concepts.

Do you want your child to love maths? Build a strong foundation with Gymathstics.

Gymathstics sessions develop the basic mathematical concepts needed to understand the complicated language of shapes and numbers.

Concepts are the building blocks of knowledge which allow young children to organize and categorize information. Children develop concepts from birth and use these concepts to solve problems in everyday experiences.

The four fundamental concepts young children need to develop before counting, addition and subtraction are:

One-to-one correspondence: This is basis of mathematical concepts. It is the understanding that one group has the same number of things as another. For example: Each child takes out one star on their mat. This concept must be developed before counting and forms the basis to the understanding of equivalence.

The learners ability to understand that the number symbol 1 represents one shape all falls under the concept one-to-one correspondence. Young children need to be given the opportunity to explore this concept through multi- sensory activities, movement and games in order for the concept to fully develop.

Number Sense: This concept allows young children to make connections between quantities and counting. The understanding of more and less, number conservation(i.e. relationship between space and quantity), estimation as well as measurement.

In order to develop the concept of number sense children should be given opportunities to construct number meanings through real-world experiences and the use of physical materials which will help them to understand the number system by relating, counting, grouping and eventually place value concepts.

You can practice number sense everyday with your little one at home by just making them aware of the numbers in their environment and play space.

Shape: The concept of shape is more than naming shapes, it is understanding the attributes of shape and applying them to problem solving. Young children develop their concept of space as infants by observing their environment. They learn through looking and feeling with their hands and mouth. They feel shape differences long before they can describe these differences in words. Matching and classifying activities are great for young learners.

When teaching the geometry vocabulary to young children, allow them to use their own vocabulary to describe shapes before the conventional vocabulary is introduced. Children need opportunities to explore two-dimensional objects(Clip Counters) as well as three-dimensional shapes( giant building blocks) in order to build a strong foundation.

Spatial Sense: The concept of spatial sense is the basis of geometry. Young children need to develop the spatial sense in order to describe, name, interpret relative positions in space and apply ideas about direction and distance. Once their spatial sense is developed they are able to navigate space and apply ideas about direction and distance.

The ability to find and name locations with simple relationships such as “near to” and “far from”

A sense of spatial relationships along with an understanding of shape is fundamental to interpreting, understanding and appreciating shapes in our world which is developed in each Gymathstics session.

Order Gymathstics Approved Toys on on the app or buy online at www.gymathstics.co.za/shop




SmartMax- Gymathstics Approved Toy of the term

Gymathstics is all about building, constructing, identifying, making connections and creating. We have integrated the Gymathstics Approved Toys into our programme so your children are exposed to more resources that promote the skills we need to help them develop.
Every term we will feature one of the toys which we use with your little ones during Gymathstics sessions.
This term is SmartMax Magentic Fun!
SmartMax offers maximum fun with magnets! With many different building and play sets available, SmartMax offers children the opportunity to learn and discover with magnetic building pieces, which attract and repel. The pieces are large, and welded together, so there’s no risk of the individual magnetic pieces falling apart.
SmartMax® stimulates:
• hand-eye coordination
• logical thinking
• colour recognition
• form recognition in 2D & 3D
• playing together
• counting
• fantasy
• creativity
This term we build shapes using the SmartMax Set and kids learn about attraction and repulsion. The set features warm colours and cool colours and we teach them how these colours work. We also learn the properties of each shape we construct.
Magnets have a magnetic north and south pole. The cold colors, green, blue, purple and white have their north poles directed outwards. The warm colors, red, orange, yellow and pink have their south poles directed outwards.

attract-repelUnlike poles attract, like poles repel. All bars with a cold color can be connected to all bars with a warm color. All other combinations repel.

These concepts develop thinking skills in your child and allows them to make sense of the world around them
If your child enjoys the SmartMax during their Gymathstics Session you can order your own set on the app or purchase online.
Gymathstics Approved Toys last a lifetime with endless learning possibilities.

Welcome to the Gymathstics Family!

Welcome to the Gymathstics Family!

Together we can make a difference and build a strong foundation in mathematics for your child! We looking forward to working with your children and having lots of fun together.

The year at Gymathstics began this week with lots of excitement!!!

This week is all about Number recognition, One to one correspondence,Shapes, Patterning, Colours while using brain stimulating exercises to switch on our brains and tune in.

20140520_133402These exercises are excellent in improving listening, concentration, spelling, logical thinking and problem solving.

We are trying to get these bright young minds to learn the warming up and cooling down exercises which we do every week.

Practice number recognition with your child. Numbers are all around us make your child aware of the numbers and shapes in their environment this week. This will help them for what we have planned for next week.

The learners will start to receive their Clip Counter Kits in the next two weeks, please ensure that your child brings their kit to each class and please encourage and ask them to show you what they learn every week.

Gymathstics is all about positive re-enforcement and practicing with the Clip Counter Kit and Gymathstics Approved Toys.

Please download the app so you have constant updates with whats going on in Gymathstics so you are involved in the journey of learning maths the Gymathstics Way!



How to build up thinking and problem solving skills in your child?

Thinking and problem solving skills are the highest order skills, to which mathematical capabilities can be attributed. Thinking involves the ability to recognize and categorize, thereby enabling the child to use basic skills to later discover and investigate answers which are based on abstract reasoning.

The big question??? How can we stimulate and encourage our children to become logical thinkers and develop problem solving skills?

In order for a child to reach abstract reasoning they need to be exposed to a variety of concrete and semi-concrete sensory activities. How do we do this? Time is the best teacher, give your child time!

At home play simple games like X and O’s , when playing guide your child ask them to think how they can block you?

Ask questions to guide them towards thinking how they can win. Don’t tell them what to do? Allow them to discover for themselves.

Another simple game is Connect 4 or 4 in a row, use the same principle by using questions like: Why would you put the red bead there? There should be thinking involved and then you know learning taking place while they having fun!

Take out only 10 toys ( cars and accessories/ kitchen toys only/ dolls, clothes,water)  and ask your child to make up their own game using the toys you provide. Every week take out different toys.

These games promote thinking skills which are vital in developing abstract reasoning in your child.

Gymathstics Approved Toys especially the Smart Games Range promote challenges for children and challenges adults as well, developing logical thinking and problem solving skills so our children can reach a level of abstract reasoning while having fun!

Gymathstics creates a multi-sensory approach to learning maths by creating a love for mathematics while developing logical thinking, problem solving skills and confidence in math.

Join Gymathstics today ! Find a class near you, attend a parent or teacher workshop or become an agent!


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