Buitenspeel Tin Throwing – Gymathstics Approved Toy of Term 2 2016

BS Tin Throwing Set is being intergrated into Gymathstics sessions this term. This toy develops number sense, gross motor skills, addition, subtraction, multiplication and will make your child love numbers.buitenspeel tin throwing

With this toy its all about knocking down the most tins, recognizing number symbols and counting. With Gymathstics we want to train your child to think independently, logically and become problem solvers.

We hide some of the tins and see if they can identify the missing tins as well. Building the pyramid using the tins and identifying the shape the tins make.

We practice our bonds up to 10 using the tins, dice and the kit.Subtraction becomes easy and multiplication becomes a fun game with this toy at Gymathstics!

Make maths fun for your child at home, make your own tins or shop at www.gymathstics.co.za or order your set on our app.



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