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Gymathstics will not sell, market, trade, transfer or disclose to any third party your personal information as entered via this website, except to our affiliated partners. By doing so, we have confirmation from them that they will only use this information for the assessment and use of the Gymathstics program. Your information may also be used to analyze market related needs and to help with the development of new products. Although all precautionary security measures are implemented when we deal with your personal information, we cannot guarantee or be held liable for information that has been stolen due to hacking or other criminal related activities.

Access to information

All information held by us may be accessed by you, the consumer. Note that access to this information is subject to certain security measures and that we will not charge a fee to provide you with some information when needed. We might charge you production fee`s on certain information.

Terms of use of website.

By completing your details and continuing to use this website, or completing any documentation and submitting it via email, you agree to our policy and acknowledge that no claim can be made against Gymathstics, agents, employees or any other affiliated partner in the event that information was stolen through hacking or any other related criminal activity.


Gymathstics is a registered private company, registered duly with CIPC in terms of South African legislation and therefore Gymathstics website is intended to be utilized by persons located in South Africa. Gymathstics makes no representation that any information, materials or functions included in this website are appropriate for use in any other jurisdiction.

Complaints Procedure

Here at Gymathstics we pride ourselves to deliver the best internet experience and highest quality service possible to all our online visitors and clients. If for any reason you feel that you have not received a high quality service, we encourage you to make use of our complaints procedure. Even if you have a suggestion we would also welcome it if you can send us an email. We are fully committed to resolve any issues and complaints of any nature within our scope of business within 48 hours after receipt of such a complaint. Kindly forward all complaints via email to info@gymathstics.co.za.

Web Links 

No outbound links to any website will be allowed without prior written consent of Gymathstics. In the event that Gymathstics do grant an outside link the opportunity to appear on this website, it will not be seen as any authorization or endorsement of such a website and the specific products that the website represent.

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