Get ready for Gymathstics Challenge!!!

Gymathstics Challenge is Coming Up!!!

Time has been flying this term at Gymathstics Classes, the Gymathstics learners have been working hard and becoming more and more confident with the integration of number and shape concepts.

Help us to prepare learners for Gymathstics Challenge this term. We are building pictures using the Gymathstics Clip Counter Shapes. This activity helps for visual perception, visual discrimination and visual closure and well as the concept of shape, space and number sense.

Please practice the following pictures with your child at home using the kit. Make it fun and exciting and encourage them to name the shapes and count all the sides.

Gym Stars ( 3- 4 yrs ) Level 1

This is preparing them for level 2 where they learn to make sums using the shapes.








Gym Stars ( 4- 6 yrs ) Level 2

Encourage them to make a sum with the house. 3 + 4 = 7  Counting the sides of each shape.


Gym Champ ( 6- 8 yrs olds)

Identify shapes according to number line and do the sum for the rocket.

20160521_094722Made with Square InstaPic


Gym Rocketeer ( 8- 10 yrs)

Identify shapes according to number line and do the sum using multiplication for the bow and arrow. As well as addition sum for the Robot man.

Robot/manMade with Square InstaPic


Made with Square InstaPic

We have number formation cards available for sale and patterning cards to help your child to practice independently at home for R120 a pack.

To order please contact the agent directly in your area or email

Together we CAN make maths fun and meaningful.


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