Gymathstics Toy of Term 3 – 2016

Term 3 is all about practice practice practice! We drill concepts and bonds in a fun stimulating way using a range of techniques and equipment. We have chosen Pyjama Party as the toy of the term as we feel many of our gym stars are struggling with visual discrimination and problem solving.

This game provides opportunities for your child to sharpen these skills as it forms the basis of mathematics.

pyjama partypyjama party inside

This is how the game works….

Marvin Moo, the cow throws the best pyjama parties. He invited his friends over and they have come dressed in a mixture of colours.

There is cake, drinks, balloons, presents, stories to share and more.

Have fun matching colours and be the first to find the right cow among the 21 tokens, whose cap, slippers, pyjama, shirt match the 2 dice colours

Features: – This product is hand crafted using wood and non-toxic inks and the packaging is printed with soy-based ink on recycled paper and board

Contains 21 Moo’s friends tokens, 21 thinking assignment cards, 2 wooden colour dice and instructions – Skill development, pre-academic skills, visual observation, logical thinking, problem-solving and processing speed – A skill-building game for pre-schoolers – Suitable for Ages 3 and up

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