Home Activity 1

Gymathstics Home Activity 1
Opening and closing the Gymathstics Clip Counter Kit

This activity helps develop spatial orientation, spatial sense, number sense, shapes, fine motor cordination and laterality.

See if your child remembers how to open and close the kit correctly.

Before opening the bag discuss the shape of the bag, how many circles on the bag can they identify?

What colours can they see?

Use questions to spark their creativity and imagination.

When working with the kit ensure that the box is on the right of the mat if they are right handed or on the left if they are left handed and the bag on the opposite side to hold the mat down.

This develops the learners ability to maintain their own space and not work all over the place developing organisation skills as well.

Also ensure that the logo is at the back and learners work on the plain yellow side of the mat.

We will we posting a video soon of one of our learners opening the kit.

Gymathstics is fun and we want it to be fun at home as well

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