How to build up thinking and problem solving skills in your child?

Thinking and problem solving skills are the highest order skills, to which mathematical capabilities can be attributed. Thinking involves the ability to recognize and categorize, thereby enabling the child to use basic skills to later discover and investigate answers which are based on abstract reasoning.

The big question??? How can we stimulate and encourage our children to become logical thinkers and develop problem solving skills?

In order for a child to reach abstract reasoning they need to be exposed to a variety of concrete and semi-concrete sensory activities. How do we do this? Time is the best teacher, give your child time!

At home play simple games like X and O’s , when playing guide your child ask them to think how they can block you?

Ask questions to guide them towards thinking how they can win. Don’t tell them what to do? Allow them to discover for themselves.

Another simple game is Connect 4 or 4 in a row, use the same principle by using questions like: Why would you put the red bead there? There should be thinking involved and then you know learning taking place while they having fun!

Take out only 10 toys ( cars and accessories/ kitchen toys only/ dolls, clothes,water)  and ask your child to make up their own game using the toys you provide. Every week take out different toys.

These games promote thinking skills which are vital in developing abstract reasoning in your child.

Gymathstics Approved Toys especially the Smart Games Range promote challenges for children and challenges adults as well, developing logical thinking and problem solving skills so our children can reach a level of abstract reasoning while having fun!

Gymathstics creates a multi-sensory approach to learning maths by creating a love for mathematics while developing logical thinking, problem solving skills and confidence in math.

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