What is Gymathstics®

Gymathstics® is an educational math program designed to meet each child’s individual learning style in a fun and easy way.Children learn through 3 learning styles and there are three types of learners:


  • Visual Learners
  • Auditory Learners
  • Kinesthetic Learners





The Gymathstics® approach caters for every learner, thereby creating a multi-sensory approach to learning maths.
The Gymathstics® mental math through movement program is delivered through 5 gym levels.

  •  Gymlevel 1: Space And Shape
  • Gymlevel 2: Data Handling And
  • Gymlevel 3: Number Recognition And
    Concrete And Semi Concrete
  • Gymlevel 4: Relationships, Representations
    And Patterns
  •   Gymlevel 5: Overall Assesment

 Learners progress is recorded on the Gymathstics® assessment chart. For every level completed the learners receive a badge to add onto their gym cap.


Aim of Gymathstics®?

FB_IMG_1423512664326The aim of Gymathstics® is to help learners build pathways in the brain to develop mathematical concepts and relationships in a Fun and meaningful way. It strives to create a Love for maths. Gymathstics® aims to develop the necessary skills for thinking, abstract reasoning, and problem solving. All of these Skills forms the basis of mathematical understanding. The ability to think and solve problems are crucial to learning. Thinking and problem solving skills are the highest order skills to which mathematical capabilities can be attributed. Thinking involves the ability to recognize and categorize, thereby enabling the child to use these basic skills to later discover and investigate answers which are based on abstract reasoning. In order for a child to reach a level of abstract reasoning they need to be exposed to a range of concrete and semi-concrete sensory activities thereby creating a Multi-Sensory approach to learning maths. Gymathstics® aims to provide this to the learners so that mathematics can be a fun learning area and promotes the whole brain approach to learning.



Advantages Of Gymathstics® Across The Curriculum.

  • Keep Learners Physically And Mentally Fit.
  • Gross Motor Skills With The Use Of
  • Fine Motor Skills With The Use Of Clip-
  • Listening Skills With Point Response
  • Visual Memory Skills With Match Up
  • Concentration With Use Of Exercises.

  • Sequencing Skills With Use Of Number
  • Eye-hand Co-ordination With Number Balls.
  • Logical Thinking And Develops Problem
    Solving Skills.
  • Social Interaction By Means Of Group
  • Crossing The Mid-line With The Math Tube.
  • Communication Skills by Means Of
    Assessment Technique.



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