Welcome to the Gymathstics Family!

Welcome to the Gymathstics Family!

Together we can make a difference and build a strong foundation in mathematics for your child! We looking forward to working with your children and having lots of fun together.

The year at Gymathstics began this week with lots of excitement!!!

This week is all about Number recognition, One to one correspondence,Shapes, Patterning, Colours while using brain stimulating exercises to switch on our brains and tune in.

20140520_133402These exercises are excellent in improving listening, concentration, spelling, logical thinking and problem solving.

We are trying to get these bright young minds to learn the warming up and cooling down exercises which we do every week.

Practice number recognition with your child. Numbers are all around us make your child aware of the numbers and shapes in their environment this week. This will help them for what we have planned for next week.

The learners will start to receive their Clip Counter Kits in the next two weeks, please ensure that your child brings their kit to each class and please encourage and ask them to show you what they learn every week.

Gymathstics is all about positive re-enforcement and practicing with the Clip Counter Kit and Gymathstics Approved Toys.

Please download the app so you have constant updates with whats going on in Gymathstics so you are involved in the journey of learning maths the Gymathstics Way!



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